Integrates WYSIWYG Editors on websites

NetArtist is a fast and easy program designed to help you insert a highly comfortable WYSIWYG Editor on websites. This software includes a NetArtist Wizard that helps you turn your static webpage to a fully dynamic webpage you can administer or maintain from different places or parts of the world with the use of Internet.

NetArtist is a fast and easy to maintain program you can use with little or no knowledge about programming. It also has a flexible HTML-Editor which can be integrated without any knowledge of HTML.

There is an interface that is fully adjustable to every design via skins and easy installment procedures on every webpage. NetArtist is a useful, fast and flexible program that can be used by web developers, programmers, professionals or even people without any knowledge of programming or HTML for integrating and maintaining highly comfortable and efficient WYSIWYG Editors on different websites.



NetArtist 1.9